UX, Quality Assurance Mastermind

I'm a former hockey writer and newspaper editor who's transitioned to tech in NYC.

I love immersing myself into products, teaching others how to use them, and tracking bugs to improve functionality.

Editors aren't just for print — QA is an editor in the tech world. Check out my projects to see below!


*Other projects available upon request.


Greetings from a warm summer night in Jersey City, my name is Amanda Bruno!
I moved to New York City from Western Massachusetts in December 2014. My co-worker cut out this headline about 4 years beforehand.
I covered the Stanley Cup Final twice in 2011 and 2013 as the Boston Bruins beat reporter for The Republican in Springfield, Mass. It was one of the most memorable points of my professional journalism career.
Sports are a big part of my life. I'm a proud 7-game season ticket holder for the Staten Island Yankees where I also reside.
With print caving to digital, I attended Startup Institute New York to learn and gain insight in the tech community where I studied web design.
I'm also currently an Associate Editor and Startup Technology Reporter for New York City Wired, a startup media company that covers the business of technology.

My story ...

I wasn't just a reporter, editor and page designer, I was the tech savvy one in my department.

Why me?

I'm tenacious, resilient and an attention-to-detail mastermind with a great deal of patience.

Intrigued yet?

Ready to kill all of your product bugs? Contact me below to find out how I can be of service to you!